32 Degrees

I packed so wrong for Finland! I  packed for the lovely 18 degrees I was promised and am now regretting it in a scandalous 32.

It’s too hot to do anything before sunset. But that’s okay. I’m not looking to do anything  anyway. My husband on the other hand is very busy. He braved the elements to go to the library to fax something. Can only marvel!


And wonder if he’ll find his way back.

Our neighbourhood has been called a maze by many a dismayed friend and relative trying in vain to find us. Many young suitors of Pietola natives have been lost forever in these two  streets.

Hopefully not he! I find I care a lot.

If he’s not back by then will go out in the garden swing as soon as the sun sets to call out his name.

Normally I don’t do selfies but because the heat keeps me from going out to take any pictures of anything, here goes!


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