Syrian Meze

‘How was your day?’

‘Got good news and bad news.’

‘Oh. Don’t tell me neither, please.’

‘Not even the good news?’

‘Nope. Don’t wanna know.’

One hour later, via text:

‘So, what’s the bad news?’

‘Traveling Thursday to Monday.’

‘That is bad news indeed.’

‘Well, at least it’s extra money again.’

‘I need an ice-cream. I need Syrian meze.’

Half an hour later eating Syrian meze alone on my bed trying not to mind my travelsome other half. No ice-cream. But got Smarties in a small colorful box.

Thursday night our youngest falls ill. Outside it gets cold for the first time. Our walls are entirely made of window glass.

No petrol for heating. Cover him with four blankets and try to get to sleep after he does.

And yet Goddammit

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