Summer Clothes

Yeah so I came in summer clothes.

Without an umbrella.

Hideous weather, fun hideous pics. (Everybody in this picture is gorgeous – just the photo is bad!)

‘Tis wet.

‘Tis freezin’.

Most puddly.

Yesterday it was lovely and sunny and balmy. Because we were at the conference. Fun as it was, and it was, the event gobbled up the entire sunny day and today I the wind and rain goes into my back and my neck and oh why!

Why am I standing here mugged by the elements?

Where is my umbrella? Woolly hat and shawl? Woolly nosewarmer, waterproof brainhat? Someone give me some friggin’ wool or a sheep and shears or what are them wool scissors and let me live!

London in summer clothes – a delightful October weekend escape from the Mediterranean! Buy your tickets and your shears now at Smart Dresser Autumn Travels Inc.

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