Tilt! lol

I don’t know if anyone else gets these but I have been known to hum right into a tricky system overload when things get too much for me. Too many changes, too much information, too much worry, too much at stake. Quirky and spirited suitcase kids who need me to receive all their confusion and upset calmly every afternoon. A husband working all hours and my mum too far away.

Tilt! Tilt! Tilt!

Ps. Because of my day job and my life in general, I write these with a few days’ delay. My system is up and running beautifully again. Top speed was reached tonight, enjoying shocking live lols thanks to dear old (so old!) friends. They are a bit older, did I mention that, and fondly remember me as a child (22 years and 5 months of age as I was). I laid eyes on them so young I follow and imitate them in everything. And I love them so!

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