At my last French class here, the talk turned to future plans. For some of us, those are a bit vague. Don’t remind me next weekend in the storage room again, but I think I said I like a bit of mystery and change.

Or maybe I said I like mastery and cringe? Still learning! But I said (something like) it and I meant it… Even when heavily intoxicated by the sight of the treats some classmatss had baked and brought. (They were as good as they looked. How some people can bake!)

Ever since I was a teenager it was quite clear, I like change and kinda need it, too. Without change everything fades into… comfortable.

And no, comfortable isn’t only a good thing.

Partir, c’est mourir un peu – Leaving is dying a little, claim the French. Maybe they’re right, but surely then it’s reincarnation too.

It’s a terrifying chance to use one’s imagination – like when we were young and had to decide what we wanted to become. Remember that trepidation, uncertainty and insecurity? Kind of liberating too, wasn’t it? At least in afterthought!

To my French class, un grand merci – j’ai tellement appris de vous.

Et vous êtes vraiment bons en pâtisserie!

4 thoughts on “Partir

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  1. Interesting post. Thank You.
    I learned French by translating ten French books. It was hard, but I enjoyed it. I have 1500 books in French and I have read them thrice. The tour of reading them takes about ten years. I am still learning French. Although my posts are in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, it does not mean I manage them, but I learn these languages when preparing new posts.


  2. Dear Aino, I wish an exciting and great new start! It has been a pleasure meeting you and as you always meet twice in life: hope to see you again! All the best to you! Martina
    and now I try to send this message – with all the instructions in Finish I am just guessing..


    1. Hi Martina, thanks for your lovely message! All the best to you too, I really like the idea of always meeting twice:)) Thanks for alerting me to the Finnish instructions, I’ll try to change the settings. Have a wonderful summer!


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