The star above Larnaca

We landed in Larnaca and it was all surprisingly familiar. The city underneath, fading light and orange and white and slightly boxy shapes. The hard surface of the sea terrifyingly close in the side window. We are here! Awaited by some, forgotten by most.

Out of the plane some giddy, some confused. Through quietly opening glass doors and deserted airport corridors. Outside the car park ticket machines the air is still thick with smoke and unrushed voices discussing today’s fresh political dramas.

From the motorway we suddenly spot that certain star again. Of course it’s not actually a star but a planet, with the same Greek name as Cyprus’ very own goddess. Aphrodite, Venus in the evening sky looks down on her home island and seems to wink at my clueless lump of a shape in the window of the quickly moving car. She’s so confident that everything will be alright. She would be. She’s a goddess!

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