That Old House

In Cyprus, old houses aren’t really in fashion.

In my old town they are. And that’s good because there are about four hundred of them.


There are cafés, restaurants, shops and homes in these beauties.


For your average Cypriot, entertaining guests in my current unattainable dream home might be a sweatily embarrassing affair.


It’s this one here:



It’s at least a hundred years old. It’s on a dirt road.


Certainly drafty, it’s not really standing straight.


But so pretty it is! And it’s for sale!


Apparently though, our budget for drafty, crooked old houses on dirt roads is regrettably small.DSCN2014-edit DSCN2026About 12 euro.DSCN2050 DSCN2003-editBut so pretty.DSCN2025

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